Taryn McMahon visit…

On Tuesday, Sept. 27th we hosted visiting artist and one of my favorite people Taryn McMahon.

I first met Taryn back in 2005 or 2006 during my first ever visiting artist talk at Penn State University. Years later, after she graduated with her MFA from the University of Iowa, Taryn contacted me about moving to the region. I was lucky enough to have her teach my Intro to Intaglio class for one great semester! She is now a professor at Kent State University.

Thank you Taryn, for sharing your work and your insights with us, it was a really amazing day!



Taryn giving her talk to my Advanced Printmakers. Even though I know Taryn’s work well, I learned a lot about her intentions, really good talk.


Crit with undergraduate student Kyle Irving…


Crit with graduate student Jacob Guzan

Thank you Taryn for a great visit, my students and I greatly appreciate your time and insights!


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