“SUPER STEAM to the Rescue!” Part FOUR…

“SUPER STEAM to the Rescue!” was a semester long collaborative project.

North Elementary School Assistant Principal Anne Lupo, North Elementary Art Teacher Sonda Cheesebrough, 4th Grade Teachers Leona Thompson, Kevin Kieffer, Sara Pennington, WVU Sculpture Professor Dylan Collins, and I coordinated the project. It was funded by a grant from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.

This project went from February-May 2016, and I made multiple visits each month to see how the projects were progressing. There were three main aspects to this project:

1. Students did research into creating a friendly garden environment for regional birds, and made a new garden that relates to the already existing garden curriculum at North Elementary.

2. Students kept a sketchbook for their research, and made mini-comics based on the information they learned.

3. Some students were asked to draw regional birds onto metal sheets that were used to create a large bird house structure.

I am very happy to showcase some of the comics. Below are the comics that were given the overall awards for best comics and best in research awards. In order to display them as a single page comic and not a book, I had to reformat them. I LOVE THESE COMICS!






Aside from adding a few dozen new mini-comics to my collection, I also received some amazing bird and comics themed thank you cards from the students. All in all, this was a really great experience, and I want to say thank you again to everyone involved!


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