SGCI 2016 Portland!!! (part THREE…)

Last weekend marked another successful trip to the annual SGC International Conference, this year in Portland, Oregon.

There was lots to see, good panel discussions, demonstrations, and art!


There were so many other things to do in Portland along side the conference…really important things…like going to this arcade!


Ground Kontrol offered solutions for all your nostalgic video game needs…like these original Star Wars games…


Or the classic Simpsons beat ’em up game…


Oh yeah, they have pinball too!



Again, important research…local comic shop.


The goods…


I picked this classic up for $6.00 when I randomly walked into a used bookstore on the way back to the hotel and saw this just sitting on top of a pile of books right at the entrance…Such a lucky find! Sue Coe was a visiting artist when I was a graduate student at the University of Georgia, and her visit had such a lasting impact on me and everyone in the program at the time…


There was a really HUGE outdoor market on Saturday morning…this picture doesn’t do it justice at all…


Voodoo Doughnuts at the end of the reception on Saturday night…notice the “SGCI themed palette knife” doughnuts?


One of the best reasons to go to ANY conference…hanging out with this guy. My professor at Bradley, mentor, and just all around good friend…Oscar Gillespie.


And another reason to go to any conference…having some quality time with students…I have a really amazing group of students right now, I feel really lucky to have such motivated and hard working students in my program…


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