SGCI 2016 Portland!!! (part ONE…)

Last weekend marked another successful trip to the annual SGC International Conference, this year in Portland, Oregon.

The conference had a rocky start, with some blatantly misogynistic comments during the James Rosenquist keynote panel discussion. Considering the important role female printmakers have had on the history of this organization and the history of printmaking in general, this comment garnered an immediate and very appropriate reaction, and it continues online.

Luckily, the rest of the conference was a bit more welcoming!


Ubiquitous photo of Mount Hood flying into Portland…hello snow!


We brought six students from WVU! We all worked really hard to scrape every dime together we could get to make this trip affordable…Lydia, Jess, Leslie, Emily, and Jake (not pictured here is Allison)…these students are rock stars! Good work everyone!


Publishers fair was NUTS! It was packed, and packed with WVU Alum…here is Sage Perrott (Haypeep) getting swamped by buyers…


Our own Tessa Shackelford (Dumbkat Press) had work with Lily Press (run by Susan Goldman)…not pictured is WVU Alum Martin Mazorra with Cannonball Press…


Open portfolio was also really successful! I’m so proud of my students for bringing their work across the country to show…Leslie had a great response to her prints…


Jake had a pretty busy table…


Jess got SWAMPED!


I also finally got to see some of these amazing Jeffrey Dell prints in person…AMAZING!




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