Santiago, Chile (PART TWO)…

The main reason for our visit to Santiago was to connect with Taller 99. Taller 99 has been working with printmakers in Santiago for roughly 60 years now.

We mainly met with Isabel Cauas and Raphael Munita, who were incredibly nice, helpful, and really enthusiastic about this project.

CAM01710 copy

Taller 99 is tucked away in a quaint residential area of the city in a modified house. Raphael Munita, seen here opening the gate, lives above the shop.

CAM01712 copy

Name plate.

CAM01714 copy

Beautiful old etching press.

CAM01721 copy

Isabel Cauas, from Taller 99, showing us around the printshop.

CAM01713 copy

CAM01725 copy

The whole shop wraps around a courtyard, a very idyllic environment.

CAM01719 copy

In-progress stones.

CAM01716 copy

I wish my aquatint chart looked this nice.

CAM01720 copy

Any shop that has monkey stickers is a good shop in my book.

CAM01727 copy

Inspirational quotes from important people in Taller 99’s long and illustrious life.

CAM01729 copy


CAM01730 copy

The printshop also has a beautiful gallery area. Prints are shown in these really great glass cases and on the walls.

CAM01731 copy

Arts Midwest President David Fraher checking out some prints.

CAM01733 copy

Really old litho stone with playing card imagery on it.

CAM01734 copy

Tamarind and Garfield.

CAM01732 copy

Great coffee mug.

CAM01735 copy

On top of the grand tour, there was lots of walking and talking about the project. Bob Beckman and Isabel talk above the courtyard.

CAM01737 copy

Discussing the potentials of the printshop, Isabel, Bob and Raphael in the courtyard.

11407274_10155643340805697_5490872659038623085_n copy

Much of the crew working on this project. From left: David Fraher, from Arts Midwest, Daniela Muller, in the red coat was our main interpreter and a HUGE help getting around Santiago, a current Taller 99 resident artist, then Bob Beckman, Arts Midwest Executive Board Chair Peter Capell, and myself.

1511283_10155643340855697_4301753028788663500_n copy

Bob Beckman, Raphael, and myself during one last meeting at our hotel before we left for the US.


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