2014 WVU/AIR interns…

It’s the start of a new school year, which means it’s time to get the new interns ready for their time at AIR.

Last Friday, we headed up to Pittsburgh for the official start of the semester. The WVU Printmaking Program has been providing internships at Artists Image Resource since 2004. Our students are given the run of the place, at least once a week, for the Fall semester.

While at AIR, students split their time between using their facilities to make work and helping AIR’s master printers print production runs. Students get the chance to meet and work with professional artists from all over the country. I am really proud of this program, and appreciate the support from AIR’s Director Robert Beckman and the WVU School of Art & Design. Thank you all, and let’s have a great semester!


Allison Smith, Jessica Poole, and Jordan Welsh on their first day at AIR…


New WVU graduate student Jacob Guzan visiting AIR for the first time. Former WVU graduate student Jennifer Rockage telling the interns what’s up…


I’ve been posting WVU faculty work in progress lately, and here we see School of Art and Design Director Alison Helm’s work…all this work will culminate at a faculty exhibition at AIR at the 2015 SECAC Conference in Pittsburgh…


WVU faculty members Dylan Collins and Joseph Galbreath’s work in progress…


New work on glass from AIR Director Bob Beckman…


New work from Mike Budai…


Always nice to see an MST3K reference…


Interesting multi-layered work on plexi…


Jennifer Rockage looking at the interns’ work at the end of the day…


As always, we end the day at Max’s Allegheny Tavern for lunch…


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