NOT Approved by the Comics Code Authority…

All the prints are in, and my latest portfolio project “NOT Approved by the Comics Code Authority” is complete! I was really lucky to have a great group of artists participate in this project.

These artists all are working with or are inspired by comic imagery. Portfolio participant Andrew Kozlowski organized a panel presentation for the 2012 SGCI Conference with Jenny Schmid, Daniel Maw and myself. Thanks to everyone involved, enjoy the pics below.



Ben Moreau

“Portrait of a Knight of Printmaking”


Peter Bugg

“Stand-Up Comic: Options”

Hand cut paper

Tim Dooley

“How to Make a Comic”


Mark Hosford



Andrew Kozlowski

“It Couldn’t Have Been Worse”


Bill Fick

“Homer Johnson”


Daniel Maw

“The Repossessed House on Haunted Hill”


Jenny Schmid

“The Comics Reader (Max and Moritz)”


Joseph Lupo


CMYK Silkscreen


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