“Georgia on my mind”…part 02

On Oct. 26 and 27, I went down the road to Atlanta to visit the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) campus in Atlanta.

Again, it was good to be back in the city and see some old stomping grounds and galleries.

Like my time at UGA, I was able to meet with some very talented grad students and give a talk. And again, everyone was so welcoming and receptive. I was totally impressed with not only SCAD’s students, but their facilities as well. It is a beautiful building, with some hefty print studios. Thanks to Robert Brown, Cynthia Lollis, and Rich Gere for showing me around and taking me to some GREAT restaurants along the way!

(Love the fact that my poster is next to a show featuring prints from my one of my favorite art historical eras…)

(Lithography shop…)

(Intaglio shop…)

(Letterpress shop…)

(The master Rich Gere giving a demo…)

(Different SCAD campuses across the world…)

(Artwork on the walls of the building for an upcoming open house…)


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