“Georgia on my mind”…part 01

I recently spent a week in Georgia visiting two very good printmaking programs.

On Oct. 25 I had the privledge to visit my alma mater, the University of Georgia. I have fond memories of my time in Athens, and it was good to run into some old friends.

(Georgia Museum of Art, right next to the new Art Building on UGA’s campus)

(The Georgia Museum of Art was exhibiting Hatch Show Print prints this month) During my time on campus, I was fortunate enough to give crits to print graduate students and give a talk about my career to grads and undergrads. I saw lots of really great work and everyone was very welcoming and receptive to my ideas. Thanks to Melissa Harshman, Jon Swindler, Eileen Wallace and all the print grads for taking care of me for the day.

(Recent Melissa Harshman print…)

(Installation in the halls of the new building…)

(Student work…)

(Mark Hosford print…ALWAYS a good thing to have in your printshop…)

(So this isn’t my print, but I drew the chicken for a print exchange amongst UGA grad students in 2001 or 02…)


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