“To Scale” at The Print Center.

Six of my receipt prints will be on display in an exhibition called “To Scale” at The Print Center in Philadelphia. The show was curated by John Caperton and will be on display from Sept. 8 2011 to November 19.

The Print Center was founded in 1915 as one of the first venues in this country dedicated to the appreciation of prints. It is an honor to show work at such a historic and revered gallery.

From The Print Center website: “To Scale is a group exhibition of contemporary printed works created in a one-to-one ratio with reality. Not a traditional exhibition of neatly framed images, the galleries will be filled with works ranging from exuberant, large installations to very tiny works wheatpasted directly onto the walls.”

Exhibiting Artists: Jenn Figg, Talia Greene, Kay Healy, Gary Kachadourian, Nichola Kinch, Joseph Lupo, Taylor McKimens, Roy McMakin, Caitlin Perkins and Shelley Spector


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