“Relflections on Dunkard Creek”…

Below is my contribution to the “Reflections of Dunkard Creek” exhibition that will be shown here in Morgantown.

The exhibition is being organized by Ann Payne. The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness of new challenges to the Monongahela Watershed. To quote what Ann has written about the exhibition:

“Reflections is a collaborative installation by more than 100 artists to commemorate the lives of the 116 species who perished in Dunkard Creek during the warm days of late summer 2009. The creek literally died when a fatal combination of chemical mine wastes and low water, exacerbated by “frac” drilling water withdrawals, set off the bloom of an alien toxic algae, suffocating an estimated 18,000-22,000 animals.

Forty-three mile Dunkard Creek meanders across the Pennsylvania and West Virginia state lines before it flows into the Monongahela River, recently listed as one of America’s 10 most endangered rivers. The Monongahela River supplies drinking water to 850,000 people.

The installation will travel throughout the watershed from it’s beginnings in Fairmont, West Virginia to it’s terminus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (and perhaps beyond) enabling the larger community to see, in detail and in scope, how artists view that which passed away from us beneath the water.”

“Lepomis X, Sunfish hybrid”

CMYK Silkscreen



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