In Community and Company interview…

In relation with the upcoming opening of the PRINTWORK 2021 juried exhibition, Artists Image Resource advisor Asa Ana interviewed me for the “In Community and Company” podcast sponsored by Point Park University.

This was a fantastic conversation about printmaking and its history as a means of information dissemination. I am really honored to be a part of this series.

From their website, “In Community and Company” is “A podcast program presenting inspiring conversations about how communities galvanize. Galvanize means “shock or excite (a community) into taking action”. How does a community spark into action? Produced by the Community Engagement Program at Point Park University. This podcast examines the challenges of communities and how they come together, fall apart and galvanize. The program is co-produced and hosted by Eric Sloss PhD student at Point Park University, Executive Producer, Dr. Heather Starr-Fiedler, Studio Coordinator, Nick Ruffalo, and recorded in the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University in front of a live studio audience.”


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