Morgantown Billboard Project PART TWO…

The Morgantown Billboard Project part TWO is up and running! Like last time, the idea is to appropriate space that is designated for commercial use, marketing, and messaging that tells us what to do. Most of these messages are succinct and to the point. They direct the reader to go online and make that medical appointment today or buy specific commercial products. Lately messages have appeared that ask specific questions like “Have you talked to God lately?” or offer misinformation about vaccinations. Regardless of the language used, these messages have a specific intent. The imagery created for this billboard project is designed to complicate that messaging and the intended use of this space. I want to intentionally create imagery that either has no message or creates messaging that is confusing or contradictory.

Excited to have WVU alumni Leslie Norris, Mateo Fuentes, and Luke Novel this time around.

Leslie Norris…
Mateo Fuentes…

Luke Novel…



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