Bryn Perrott visiting artist…

This week we were so incredibly lucky to have Bryn Perrott in our studio! Bryn took some time away from her studio here in Morgantown to come back to the WVU Printshop and talk with students. Bryn, also known as DEERJERK on Instagram, is a prolific artist balancing her own work, commissions, traveling to festivals, being a part of the Speedball Print Posse, and doing design work for clients like Jackie O’s Beer in Athens, Ohio.


The printshop was super packed to hear Bryn talk about her work…lots of excitement!


Because Bryn is so prolific, she brought A TON of work to look at! It was really inspirational to see…


Printmaking students taking in all the sights…


Bryn has become known for these kinds of large scale wood reliefs with lots of intricate cuts…they are so great!




Once her talk was done, Bryn and the printmaking students settled in for some relief printing…


Bryn actually studied printmaking at WVU right before I was hired…she now has a small press at home and is getting back into printing…


One print form the edition Bryn pulled with students…Love this!


BFA student Regine helping run the press…


Bryn giving technical and professional advice…


BFA students Regine and Olivia running prints…



Again, I cannot thank Bryn enough for coming to the shop…such a fun day!

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