Althea Murphy-Price visiting artist…

This week we were so lucky to have a visit from printmaker Althea Murphy-Price. Althea received an MA in Printmaking and Painting from Purdue University and her MFA in Printmaking from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. As a Professor of Art at the University of Tennessee, she is one of three printmaking faculty members that runs one of the most dynamic and successful printmaking programs in the country.

My students and I have been inspired by Althea’s work for a number of years. I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve shared the latest piece Althea has posted on her Instagram feed. In 2016, I asked Althea to be the juror for the annual Printworks Exhibition at Artists Image Resource, where Althea put together a powerful show and wrote a thoughtful and moving juror’s statement.


I am continually impressed and inspired by Althea’s ability to make work that is beautiful, that is technically impressive, that unifies process WITH content, and that forces the viewer to slow down, look closely, and examine what is being presented. Personally, as an artist interested in creating work that questions our assumptions of recognizable images and materials, I feel extremely lucky that we were able to host Althea’s work in our galleries and hear her speak.


WVU Printmaking alumni and current MFA Candidate at Kent State University Luca Taylor came back to Morgantown to see Althea’s talk and work…


On day two of her visit Althea was willing to meet with some of our students…here giving BFA Printmaker Olivia Richardson a critique…


Above, Althea visiting with MFA Candidate Stephanie Alaniz in her studio.

Thank you again Althea for making time out of your crazy busy schedule to share your work and ideas with us. It was a great visit!


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