WVU Print Club at the WVU Art Museum

The WVU Print Club printed t-shirts during the student night reception of the “My Hero!” exhibition at the WVU Art Museum. WVU Printmaking students printed a steady stream of comics themed t-shirts in conjunction with other programming the museum staff had planned that night. The entire museum was FILLED with students and activity, it was a great night!

The “My Hero!” exhibition in general is a really fun exhibition with work that celebrates and questions our relationship to comics and superheroes. I will be giving a talk about the history of American comics and their relationship to contemporary at the WVU Art Museum on Wednesday November 28th.


WVU Printmakers Stephanie Alaniz and Tyler Carter printing a design…


The upstairs gallery at the WVU Art Museum…


The gallery was filled with a lot of really great work! Some of my favorites below…


Matt Ritchie piece reflecting the exhaustion contemporary superheroes must be feeling from their over exposure in the media…


An absolutely beautiful Enrique Chagoya lithograph that use multiple contemporary references to talk about xenophobia…


Classic Mark Newport crocheted costumes which talks about our assumptions about knitting, costumes, superheroes and gender roles…


and this series of Winston Tseng images that question representation in superhero mythologies…


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