Brandon Sanderson visiting artist (part three)…

I am so excited to post these pictures from our visit with Brandon Sanderson. Brandon is an Associate Professor at UNC Pembroke, and was the FIRST artist coming to WVU under the new “WVU Master Printmaking Series in honor of Joe Hestick” funded by Beth Hestick. While at WVU, Brandon worked and worked our students! The shop was buzzing with activity for three days, it was great!

During his visit, Brandon created a 66 print edition of a 10-11 color litho/silkscreen with students, printed some intaglio prints, proofed some laser cut imagery, gave a public lecture and gave critiques to students.


Olivia and Kyle back at it on day three! Printing another layer…


Once printing was done, it was time to curate, tear, number and sign…


Done! Impressive lot of prints for essentially two and a half days…


Brandon has an assortment of stamps and other little images he puts on the back of his prints…there was an assembly line of students helping with this step…


More stamping…


Feliks and Brandon adding stamps…


As all this was happening, Brandon snuck in a few more critiques…seen above with Stephanie in her studio…


At the end of the day, it was time to relax! Back to my house for pizza and beer to celebrate a job well done!


Two undergraduate students from UNC Pembroke came with Brandon, John and Katherine seen above left…it was great to see them again, and it was fun getting the chance to show them WVU and Morgantown.

I cannot thank Brandon, my students, and Beth Hestick enough for these amazing few days! Everyone worked so hard and had so much fun, it was really an amazing time!


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