Brandon Sanderson visiting artist (part one)…

I am so excited to post these pictures from our visit with Brandon Sanderson. Brandon is an Associate Professor at UNC Pembroke, and was the FIRST artist coming to WVU under the new “WVU Master Printmaking Series in honor of Joe Hestick” funded by Beth Hestick. While at WVU, Brandon worked and worked our students! The shop was buzzing with activity for three days, it was great!

During his visit, Brandon created a 66 print edition of a 10-11 color litho/silkscreen with students, printed some intaglio prints, proofed some laser cut imagery, gave a public lecture and gave critiques to students.

Sanderson Poster

Our first poster for the “Master Printmaker Series”…


Off to work! First thing Monday morning Beth Hestick looks on as Brandon and BFA printmaker Olivia Richardson begin printing…


Olivia taking over on her own while Brandon prepares the next layer…


MFA Printmaker Stephanie Alaniz helping out…


We squeezed in some time on the laser cutter…I scanned in a few of Brandon’s drawings and cut this lino block on the laser cutter…


And we cut this plexi Intaglio plate…Brandon didn’t have time to edition these, but he took them home, so hopefully we will see some new prints in the future!


Brandon giving a critique to BFA Printmaker Tyler Carter…


Brandon and Olivia during a critique…


Back to work! Brandon filling in some of the next layer with screen filler as BFA Printmaker Kyle Irvin helps…


The main WVU Printshop humming with activity…


Drying rack full of prints! Already 4-5 colors on the first day…


Brandon was printing transparent colors with silkscreen on top of the litho key layer…

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