BIG INK at Artists Image Resource…

This Saturday WVU Printmakers and I spent the afternoon at AIR for their annual fundraiser and BIG INK event! It was a ton of fun, and it was great to see so many people at AIR supporting a place that I love…


BIG INK travels all over the country asking artists to make very large scale woodcuts to print on their “BIG TUNA” press…it is such a sight to see!


Everyone getting ready to run a block through the press…I’m not sure how large the press bed is, possibly 4’x8’…but I know from watching that it takes many hands to make it work.


Once the press bed is through, it takes a few hands to lift the paper off the block as well…


There were MANY artists there that day printing large scale blocks…Pittsburgh’s own Paul Roden has one of his blocks printed…




Tonja Torgerson was there to work on an installation on the outside of AIR…


Also on display were some of the prints Tonja has been making with AIR…



A few of my students were also helping give printmaking demonstrations that night… WVU MFA student Stephanie Alaniz shows AIR Director Bob Beckman her recent work…


Stephanie running a litho with the help of BFA Printmaking student Bre Fleming…WVU Printmaking alum Derek Reese looks on…


The whole crew (from left, Bre Felming, Feliks Pyron, Tyler Carter, and Stephanie Alaniz) enjoying a wonderful night in Pittsburgh!



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