SGCI Las Vegas…

This year’s annual SGC International Conference was held in Las Vegas. This was my first trip to Las Vegas since I was a kid.


As most people already know, Las Vegas is a weird place…its no wonder that academics see Las Vegas as a representation of American hyper-capitalism…


These penny slots were the closest I came to gambling…


Conference wise, there were a lot of great things that happened. Current MFA Print Grad Stephanie Alaniz presented her work during the SGCI Student Panel. She did a great job! The panel was organized by SGCI Student Representative Sarah Ellis, and had , and Mizin Shin.



It was good to see some friends in the vendor fair doing their thing! Aaron Coleman giving a mezzotint demo…


Sage Perrott being flocked by a group of potential buyers!


And THE MAN, Bill Fick demonstrating a new Speedball Press!


Good friends out to dinner, I have been very lucky to get to know some like minded artists and good people in general…New SGCI President Charles Beneke, Nicole Hand, Nancy Palmeri, Ben Rinehart, Sandra Murchison, and past SGCI President Nicole Pietrantoni


Open portfolio on the last day of the conference is always a fun time…


2nd year Print Grad Stephanie Alaniz…


BFA Print student Kyle Irvin…


BFA Print student Christina Kang…


BFA Print student Mateo Fuentes…


1st Year Print Grad Feliks Pyron…


BFA Print student Olivia Richardson…


There were a lot of great moments to experience too…the SGCI Lifetime Award presentation by Juane Quick-To-See Smith was AMAZING!


The presentation ended with a poem recited by both the artist and her son…


I spent a day on UNLV’s campus…and there were lots of great things to see, like the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art


The museum is housed inside an old gymnasium, and once you knew that, you could see the evidence of the old building…


And what trip to Las Vegas would be complete without seeing an Elvis impersonator?

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