WVU/University of Cape Town Portfolio Exchange…

Our student print exchange with the University of Cape Town in South Africa is complete! Last semester, WVU Advanced Printmaking students participated in an international portfolio exchange with printmakers from UCT, and now the student prints from UCT came in! Thank you so much to UCT printmaking professor Stephen Inggs, the rest of the print faculty at UCT and all the students who participated!

This project was first conceived over a year ago when I visited friends taking a sabbatical in South Africa. While in Cape Town, I was able to meet Professor Stephen Inggs and we conceived this project. We wanted our students to do something a little more than a traditional print portfolio, so each WVU student was assigned a “social media pen pal” from the University of Cape Town. We hoped these interactions would give students ideas for work in the exchange. It is always interesting to see the work from another program, let alone a different program in another country. Everyone’s prints look great, and we are so appreciative to the students who participated.


Above is my design for the portfolios…obviously inspired by the FedEx logo with some minor changes…


Students collating portfolios, this was such an exciting day…over a year in the making.


WVU Undergraduate student Kyle Irvin happy with the results…


WVU undergraduate student Tyler Carter…


WVU Undergraduate student Anna Jo Nardo…


WVU Undergraduate student Kyle Irvin…


WVU Graduate student Stephanie Alaniz…


University of Cape Town student…


University of Cape Town student…


University of Cape Town student…


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