Visiting Artist at Kent State University…

After our trip to Cleveland, I spent the next day as a visiting artist at Kent State University. This was a super exciting trip for a few reasons, I hadn’t seen Kent’s printshop before, I have known printmaking faculty Taryn McMahon for a while now and was excited to see her program in action, I have been getting to know Arron Foster better and was excited to see him, and a former student of mine Luca Taylor is attending graduate school there as well. So there was A LOT to see and A LOT to do. We squeezed in printing a CMYK silkscreen edition, critiques with undergrad and grad students, and a lecture!


Of course it snowed a good amount the night I spend in Cleveland…


The Kent School of Art has a new and newly renovated building…there was a student show up in one of the main galleries…


One of the best visiting artist posters yet…


Lucca had some of my favorite things waiting for me when I got there…


Pot luck lunch after my lecture…


Once we were well fed it was time to get started printing…


First two colors done…


Images from the Kent State Instagram account…


Quality control…


I LOVED these drawings of the printmaking students…great way to showcase who is in the shop! Thank you Kent for a really great visit!


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