Visiting Artist at the University of Pittsburgh…

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, I was at the University of Pittsburgh as a visiting artist. Pitt Printmaking Professor Lenore Thomas asked me to come to her shop and give a CMYK silkscreen demo. I’ve known Lenore for a while now, and it was great to be able to meet her students and see the shop. I’m always up for an excuse to come to Pittsburgh!


Driving onto the campus, nestled inside the Oakland neighborhood.


The Frick Fine Arts Building where the printshop is located…the building has classrooms, studio spaces, an open cloister, an art gallery, a 200-seat auditorium, as well as a research library…


And of course, the Cathedral of Learning is right across the street…



Around the courtyard are these crazy and beautiful reproductions of important historical works of art…



When in Pittsburgh, you will see references to any of George Romero’s Dead films…


Etching shop, beautiful press!


Lenore has prints hanging all over the silkscreen shop…a familiar face here, Adriane Herman silkscreen…



Set up for the demo, I made a new image for this…I am thinking about including more of the original image and the alphabetized text…it was good to have this opportunity to experiment, we’ll see if this continues…




And DONE! Thank you to Lenore for asking me to come up to Pittsburgh for the day, I can’t wait for her to come down to Morgantown in the Spring! And thank you to the students for helping and being so welcoming!




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