Silkscreen printing with the Girl Scouts…

Over the last three weeks I worked with a local 4th/5th grade Girl Scouts troop to help them earn their Art Badge.

We worked on a mini-comic/silkscreen project. This was a lot of fun, and it was exciting to get the girls in the printshop working with silkscreen.


Week one was working on our mini-comics. Each girl made an autobiographical comic. We talked about topics like editing, voice, and symbolism. The girls took their books home and worked on them before we met again the next week.


Week two we made transparencies and exposed the screens. It was really fun to work with the girls on this day. This was something they had never seen before, and had lots of questions.


After exposing the screen, I showed the girls how to use the shower to wash out their images.


Week three was the actual printing. Again, this was something they had never done before, so it was fun to get them printing.


And we can’t forget about the folding.


I’m so glad I was able to work with these girls! This is a really great troop, and I think they definitely earned their badge!


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