Visting Artist at the University of Kentucky…

From April 11-15th, I was a visiting artist at the University of Kentucky.

It was a great visit! Jonathan McFadden has built a really strong program, they have a beautiful new building, and Lexington was very impressive! We packed a lot of work in, and I was able to meet with some really great students! Thank you to everyone at UK for a wonderful visit, but especially Jonathan for asking me to come and hosting me, David Wisher for hanging out and letting me interact with his classes, and graduate student Todd Herzberg for helping with my editions and showing me around Lexington.


On my way to the UK campus…am I the only one who didn’t know that Transylvania University was a thing? I thought maybe I could swing two visit?


UK’s beautiful new refurbished visual arts building…super jealous!


VERY light and spacious inside…


The printshop is also spacious! With a crazy Dennis McNett Star Trek Enterprise hanging from the ceiling…



I knew this was going to be a good visit, when I spotted a random “Scotty Pods” bobble-head…


Gigantic Bill Fick print on the wall…never a bad thing.


Some recent visiting artists…Ellie Honl and Ericka Walker…two AMAZING printmakers, two tough acts to follow…


And this…


We ran TWO mini-comics workshops…I absolutely love running these workshops…they are relatively short (one 3 hour studio class), I think they are something new and different for students, and we all get comics at the end…


Students cutting away…


Ever growing examples of mini and independently published comics…


My mini-comic which turned into a story about the death of David Bowie in a galactic space battle…


Mini-comics at the end of day one!


We also ran two editions of CMYK prints…


These are new versions of my recent explorations into alphabetizing different parts of the comic…I’m inspired by conversations around our understanding of data and metrics, and our trust in analytics…with this work, I wonder how we understand information when you are given all the information, but one aspect is different…


I also got to see Lexington, which I was super impressed with…a huge How and Nosm mural downtown…they painted the mural at the entrance of the WVU Art Museum


A must with almost every visit…Todd takes me to the local flea market…where I bought WAY too many old comics and wax packs…IMG_1179

Thanks again to everyone at the University of Kentucky for a great visit!


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