“Intermission” portfolio…

Below is an image of a new piece being shown for the “Intermission” portfolio at the 2016 SGC International conference in Portland.

It is being organized by Shannon Collis and Erik Waterkotte.

DSC_0012 copy

“The Best of COMICS”

Digital print, polyethylene bags, comic book backing board


From the portfolio synposis:

“Based on Aspen Magazine (1965-1971) Intermission uses the space of the Thematic Print Portfolio to explore (as creator Phyllis Johnson described) “culture along with play.” Aspen Magazine was an innovative publication that created a unique approach to the common magazine by combining commercial media with packaging and interactive trends found in Fluxism and Pop Art. Using Aspen Magazine as a template, Intermission asks participating artists to create original editions of ephemera or multiples including postcards, zines, comics, pamphlets, posters, and other graphic works. Participating artists were selected based on their research/connection to Print as both an Art and a Design medium, as well as their belief that ephemera are influential graphics. Intermission is not intended as a traditional edition. We encourage submissions in a variety of formats including ephemera, posters, audio, video, kinetic and tactile multiples, and other forms that defy definition.”


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