“Pint n’ Print” at the 2014 SGCI…

Below are magnet prints cut up from test prints for an event at the 2014 SGCI Conference in San Francisco.

Pint n’ Print” is an even organized by Michael Krueger and Amze Emmons. It is sort of like a live action print exchange:

“Pint n Print was developed to operate at a point of intersection between three great print traditions: the European mini-print, The Print Exchange, and hanging out at dive bars during print conferences. The organizers hope to create a temporary utopian zone where creative artists can engage in a meaningful conversation about the state of the fine art print, within the aesthetic structure of a mini-print exhibition/exchange inside of a historic San Francisco cafĂ© & bar. Sweeties, a long established local establishment with a reputation for a welcoming quiet atmosphere is the perfect local counterpoint to the international conference discourse. The Mini-prints will be on display and also available as a gift to any viewers who purchase a meal or beverage during a set period of time. We offer this as a gesture toward solidarity with our local host and the larger SF community, and as means to put artwork from around the country into circulation within the print community through a simple exchange. We hope these tiny prints will leave this one night event sowing connections made over conversation, beer and a snack.” FROM THE SGCI WEBSITE



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