I recently completed another version of the book.

This version is still a visual deconstruction of each page of the original Iron Man comic. This time all the original imagery is removed, and only the frames and empty talk bubbles remain.  I hope this book helps to give the viewer a sense of how the layout of the frames coincides with the pacing of the story. The book is 6″x4″, the pages are digitally printed on newsprint to give the book a realistic comic feel.


“IRON MAN Vol. 01 Issue 178 (version 02)”


Digital print on newsprint, double staple book







This is the inside of the back cover, giving credit to the team of artists and editors who created the original book…It has always been my intention to use this book as a living document, finding ways of deconstructing and manipulating the original imagery to ask questions about understanding, meaning and interpretation; as well as talk about the structure and design of comic book narratives…I am appreciative of this team and the fact they created this single issue which has held my curiosity over all these years…


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