I recently completed my first book.

The book is a visual deconstruction of each page of the original Iron Man comic. All imagery is removed, and only the dominant background color(s) remain. In order to achieve this effect, I only use the color scanned from the original pages. I had to digitally cut and paste small parts of the original halftones in order to create seamless color. The book is 6″x4″, the pages are digitally printed on newsprint to give the book a realistic comic feel.

Through this book, I am hoping to talk about the color design and framing decisions comic book artists make regarding the layout of the page, and how that relates to story telling in comics. I also enjoy the idea that I can make imagery taken from comics become almost non-representational, something comics are never intended to be.


“IRON MAN Vol. 01 Issue 178″ (FRONT COVER)


Digital print on newsprint, saddle stitch


Inside pages…






This is the inside of the back cover, giving credit to the team of artists and editors who created the original book…It has always been my intention to use this book as a living document, finding ways of deconstructing and manipulating the original imagery to ask questions about understanding, meaning and interpretation; as well as talk about the structure and design of comic book narratives…I am appreciative of this team and the fact they created this single issue which has held my curiosity over all these years…


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