“Shame of the City” at Future Tenant Gallery…(Part 01)

On January 12, 2014 the group exhibition for Future TenantSHAME OF THE CITY: Deconstructing and reconstructing comic book narratives” closed.

This exhibition featured 23 artists from all over the country (and Canada). Every artist was assigned a page from the “Iron Man” comic I have been working with and was asked to make new work inspired by the original artwork.

The artists I asked to be in this exhibition are: Adam Leestma, Amze Emmons, Andrew Kozlowski, Sam Boehm, Daniel Maw, Dylan Collins, Erika Adams, Geo Sipp, Jasen Lex, Jason Urban, Jennifer Anderson, Jim Rugg, Joseph Galbreath, Joseph Lupo, Luke Novel, Matt DiClemente, Michael Krueger, Nathan Meltz, Peter Bugg, Randy Bolton, Ryan Miller, Tate Foley, Tim Dooley



My exhibition statement, designed by Joseph Galbreath and printed on newsprint. This was displayed at the front of the gallery.

The following are images of the work, shown in the order they were displayed, next to the original comic page they were assigned.

ironman 178 pg 1 - 300dpi copyPage 01-Novel

Luke Novel, Page 01, Mixed media

BoehmPage 02-Stuparyk

Sam Boehm, Page 02, Vinyl lettering on paper

NathanMeltzPage 03-Meltz

Nathan Meltz, Page 03, Silkscreen and collage

diclemente_HiResPage 04-Diclemente

Matthew DiClemente, Page 04, Digital print

FREDPage 05-Sipp

Geo Sipp, Page 05, Intaglio

AndersonPage 06-Anderson

Jennifer Anderson, Page 06, Silver point and transfer

102513_IM178page7_300dpiPage 07-Rugg

Jim Rugg, Page 07, Graphite

MillerPage 08-Miller

Ryan Miller, Page 08, Acrylic

Photo of Iron ManPage 09-Bolton

Randy Bolton, Page 09, Digital print

AdamLeestma-IronManPage 10-Leestma

Adam Leestma, Page 10, Ink

Collins_FT_imagePage 11-Collins

Dylan Collins, Page 11, Digital print

Maw_ImagePage 12-Maw

Daniel Maw, Page 12, Silkscreen

StrugglePage 13-Emmons

Amze Emmons, Page 13, 2.5 oz gin & .5 oz vermouth mixed with ink and silkscreen

IRONMAN_P14_LEXPage 14-Lex

Jasen Lex, Page 14, Digital print

GalbreathPage 15-Galbreath

Joseph Galbreath, Page 15, Transfer Type

LupoPage 16-Lupo

Joseph Lupo, Page 16, Silkscreen

002.Krueger_iron_man-shirtPage 17-Krueger

Michael Krueger, Page 17, Silkscreen on t-shirt

Kozlowski_IronManVertPage 18-Kozlowski

Andrew Kozlowski, Page 18, Silkscreen

AdamsPage 19-Adams

Erika Adams, Page 19, Mixed media

IronManHiResPage 20-Dooley

Tim Dooley, Page 20, Silkscreen

Page 21-Bugg roughPage 21-Bugg

Peter Bugg, Page 21, Digital print

FULLPage 22-Foley

Tate Foley, Page 22, Risograph

Urban187_detailPage 23-Urban

Jason Urban, Page 23, Collage on paper


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