Update (Future Tenant)…

There are a few projects I am working on right now as November is building up to be a busy month.

I am organizing a group exhibition for Future Tenant, in Pittsburgh. “SHAME OF THE CITY: Deconstructing and reconstructing comic book narratives” will feature new work made by 23 artists. Every artist was assigned a page from the “Iron Man” comic I have been working with and was asked to make new work inspired by the original artwork. The show opens in December 2013 and runs through January 2014.


The artists are:

Adam Leestma, Amze Emmons, Andrew Kozlowski, Sam Boehm, Daniel Maw, Dylan Collins, Erika Adams, Geo Sipp, Jasen Lex, Jason Urban, Jennifer Anderson, Jim Rugg, Joseph Galbreath, Joseph Lupo, Luke Novel, Matt DiClemente, Michael Krueger, Nathan Meltz, Peter Bugg, Randy Bolton, Ryan Miller, Tate Foley, Tim Dooley

Here are a few snapshots of what to expect…


Tate Foley…


Jim Rugg…


Jason Urban…


In-progress screen shot of my piece for the show…


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