New work…and the legitimacy of the background…

Summer is usually my most productive time, and I hope this summer stands up to that rule. This month, I completed three new CMYK Silkscreen prints.



CMYK Silkscreen



“Bench (II)”

CMYK Silkscreen



“Got to.”

CMYK Silkscreen


On a more personal note, my interest in my recent work was solidified by a visit to the Warhol museum. This semester I was questioning the legitimacy of this latest series of prints that eliminate any foreground and figurative elements and only focus on the background. Then came a trip to the Warhol Museum to see the recent exhibition Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years. I saw two works that I have seen and thought about a million times before, but at this time, in this context meant something completely new to me. The two works were Cory Arcangel’s “Super Mario Clouds” and Warhol’s “Chelsea Girls”.


I always thought about Archangel’s work in terms of appropriation and hacking. So seeing this piece again, now, really changed the way I thought about it. I enjoyed thinking about the sublime quietness of these uninhabited spaces. For those who don’t know, these spaces were (or are?) inhabited video game worlds. Archangel hacked into the code of the game cartridge, and used the game’s own code to eliminate the foreground. Much like the way I only use the comic’s own imagery to eliminate figures and text.


Warhol once said that he wanted his movies to focus away from the action. He famously pointed his camera at the mundane objects occupying a room with frenzied screaming happening off-screen. Watching “Chelsea Girls” really drove this point home. Again, this was nothing new for me. But at that moment, I felt a surge of confidence in making work that focuses on the margins of an image.

So expect more prints to come, as we celebrate the mundane beauty of the background!


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  1. Thanks for pointing out how significant museum research is for artists’ creative work! Strong new work!!

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