“Trajectories” WVU/Zayed University Portfolio Exchange…

This semester, WVU Advanced Printmaking students participated in an international portfolio exchange with printmaking students from Zayed University in Dubai.

Professor of Art Joshua Watts and I created the foundation for this portfolio at the 2012 SGC International conference in New Orleans. Almost exactly one year later, we couldn’t be happier with the results.


(Joshua’s hand-made folder with silkscreen title and nice/subtle embossment…)

This was such a learning experience for everyone involved. It is always interesting to see how artists from other cultures express themselves. Although I only have a few pictures of the portfolio, everyone really stepped it up and made some fantastic work. All images are 11″x15″ with an edition size of 40 prints. The entire portfolio will be shown in the library at Zayed University, a copy will go into their printmaking program print archives and a copy will go into the WVU print archives. We hope to find a space in Morgantown to exhibit as well. Thank you so much to Joshua and his students for participating in this wonderful portfolio with us.


Inside cover with all participants names…


WVU Printmaker Kelsie Lilly helping to collate the portfolios…


WVU Printmaker Alex Martin enjoying the prints…


WVU-Jordan Welsh, Silkscreen.


WVU-Brianna Saddler, Silkscreen


WVU-Nicole Arnett, Relief


WVU-Kelsie Lilly, Silkscreen


WVU-Nate Snyder, Silkscreen

Josh Watts

Zayed Univ.-Professor Joshua Watts, Silkscreen and Embossment (Josh and I both participated in the exchange…)

Fatima Mohboob

Zayed Univ.-Fatima Mohboob, Relief

Hana Mohammed Bastaki

Zayed Univ.-Hana Mohammed Bastaki, Relief

Maitha AlQamzi

Zayed Univ.-Maitha Alqamzi, Intaglio

Sarah Al Shaali

Zayed Univ.-Sarah Al Shaali, Relief


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