More from AIR…

Also on Friday April 6th, the WVU MFA program exhibited their recent work.

Thomas Stollar, Erica Passage, Vlad Bassarab, Morgan Milders, Mike Loop, Lei Meng, Kofi Opoku, John Baker, Sarah Olsen, Silas Spellman, Meghan Olson, Kristine Synowka, and Lindsey Estep all showed work at AIR. We have a really great program with some great students!

Erica Passage and Kristine Synowka…

Lei Meng, Meghan Olson, and Kofi Opoku

Mike Loop, Morgan Milders, and Lindsey Estep (and another Morgan Milders)

Erica Passage, Kristine Synowka, Sarah Olsen, Meghan Olson, and Lei Meng…

Sarah Olsen…

Silas Spellman and Kofi Opoku…

Thomas Stollar…

John Baker…

Also showing at AIR was the “Printmaking and the Mundane” portfolio that I co-organized with Janet Marcavage…


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