In progress…

Below are examples of a long term project I am currently working on.

All prints are to scale of the original comic pages. There will be one print for every page, 23 in all. All information has been removed, except for the dominant background color and the talk/thought bubbles, which are left blank.

Like my earlier black and white prints of entire comic book pages, I want the viewer to become aware of the composition of and between each page and how it relates to the story. The difference now being the inclusion of color, which reveals color compositions throughout the book.

The original Iron Man comic I have been using was published in 1984. It was printed using traditional color separation printing technologies. Today, comics are printed digitally. The cost of printing any color the artist wants is not a concern. In 1984, in order to keep costs down, every color in the rainbow was not used. The economic use of certain colors becomes apparent when viewing these prints as certain blues, purples, oranges and yellows are used repeatedly throughout the book.

“IRON MAN Vol.01 Issue 178 Page 01″

CMYK Silkscreen


“IRON MAN Vol.01 Issue 178 Page 02″

CMYK Silkscreen


“IRON MAN Vol.01 Issue 178 Page ″

CMYK Silkscreen



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  1. hey joe, i really like the color you have added, how are things? i still need to make that laser cut for you… all the best

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