“Muddy Banks” at AIR…

Well, in a jam packed night, AIR also showed the “From the Muddy Banks of the Monongahela” portfolio.

This was portfolio was organized by me and features some of the great alumni and past professors that have worked in the Printmaking Program over the years. Below is the portfolio…

Michelle Moode, “What, like a parade?”, Mixed Media

Samantha Mosby, “There was a bear loose in the city and we all knew it had gone to the Mosby’s for refuge.”, Silkscreen

Martin Mazorra, “Checkered Appalachian Past”, Relief

Carmon Colangelo, “London Bridge”, Digital Print

Jennifer Rockage, “Please”, Silkscreen

Bob Bridges, “Stone Section”, Relief

Matt Forrest, “Forgotten”, Digital Print

Patricia Villalobos Echeverria, “Tag”, Digital Print

Matt DiClemente, “Without Even Trying”, Blue Print with Sticker

Joseph Lupo, “Why?”, Relief

Derek Reese, “Like Fred Astaire with Cerebral Palsy”, Mixed Media

Miguel Rivera, “Formal Experience”, Intaglio

Grant Johnson, “Sounds in Shadows 1”, Mixed Media

Chris Hocking, “Mating Call”, Digital Print

Sergio Soave, “untitled”, Digital Print

Ashley Nason, “Ways Away”, Lithograph

Sarah Smelser, “Not with pennies, dimes, nor quarters but with happy sons and daughters”, Relief with Monotype

Jeff Hindal, “Another Crate of Mind”, Blind Embossment


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